Non-executive Directorships Ltd was founded in 2016 with a mission to create a new career advisory service focused on non-executive development at the most senior level of the market.

We innovate within the industry, with a focused, insightful, and strategic approach which keeps the client need front and centre at all times.

We are values led and work hard to further the interests of our clients, and are continually focused on extending our reach. We only advise clients we believe we can significantly help, based on an extensive knowledge of the non-executive search process and strong network of relationships with the UK board search firms, the UK and broader NED and Chair population, and influential members of the board community.

We can be particularly useful to serving executives, who are time-poor and with reduced bandwidth, as we put structure, momentum and support around their launch / search.

Equally, the majority of our clients are at the point of retirement, and we can be helpful to those who wish to extend their headhunter or other networks in a range of ways. Some of our clients have been based outside the UK during their career and others wish to create or extend a portfolio in this market.

Our service offering is bespoke and tailored to individual needs, including Chair consultations and immediate assessments. Whilst it is usual to work together over a full programme of sessions, this can include a condensed programme, market support, or a single, one hour, consultation session.

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